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Filming for the highly-anticipated Season 2 of "Mr Robot" is currently underway with showrunner Sam Esmail taking charge of directorial duties. It remains to be seen how this added responsibility ultimately affects the upcoming season, but it has definitely added to the pressure to deliver, for Esmail.

"The first season's critical acclaim and the response gave us a lot of confidence, but it's almost like the pressure kind of cancels it out," the showrunner/director said during a recent interview, according to HNGN. "I'm back to square one, which is exactly where I think we should be in terms of approaching the story for the second season."

Esmail has always maintained that he's been clear about the show's storyline right up to the point of how it all ends. In such a scenario, maybe it's the right thing for him to take complete control of the series. HNGN reported that Esmail's deep understanding of the story and his framework for an end game convinced USA Network to hand over the reins completely to him.

"One thing I never wanted to do with this show was to take a road where we can just go on and on and belabour this until the ratings drop and they cancel it or we end it," he said in an earlier interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I really wanted the narrative to have a purpose. We are heading toward that ending. For me, the utmost importance is having a clear engine and a clear ending that we're moving toward."

The hit cyberpunk series achieved tremendous critical and commercial acclaim during its Season 1 run making its next season one of the most eagerly-awaited TV events of 2016. "Mr Robot" Season 2 is expected to premiere in June/July of 2016.