Will Elliot work with Mr Robot?
Will Elliot work with Mr Robot?Facebook / Mr Robot

Fans are looking forward to find out the whereabouts of the major characters once USA Network's "Mr Robot" Season 2 returns with the fifth episode titled "eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc." Episode 5 is going to explore several exciting elements from the story, including the possible truce between Elliot (Rami Malek) and Mr Robot (Christian Slater).

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In the previous episode titled "eps2.2_init_1.asec," Elliot had a game of chess with his alter ego, Mr Robot that represented the battle between Elliot and Mr Robot as they tried their best to observe each other's moves and get an upper hand.

After several games, when both of them failed to beat each other, Elliot realised that it was the ultimate truth, as he said to Mr Robot, "I cannot beat you, and you can't beat me." In response, Mr Robot said, "It was the only way to show you that fighting me is a waste of time."

Afterwards, Mr Robot stated that Elliot will finally realise that he [Mr Robot] is here for a reason very soon. His statement hints at several things and fans are wondering whether the two of them will be working together from now onwards or not.

The synopsis of "Mr Robot" Season 2 Episode 5 by TV.com reads:

"Elliot can't quit the game; Dom and the FBI head to China to investigate 5/9; Joanna is haunted; and Darlene calls on Angela for help."

Whether Elliot will finally learn to get along with Mr Robot or continue his fight against him, will be seen once the next episode airs.