Fans are looking forward to find out what happens next in the upcoming episode titled "eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx" of "Mr. Robot" Season 2. In the next episode, Dom DiPierro (portrayed by Grace Gummer) will be seen breaking into fsociety case and getting the crucial documents.

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In the previous episode, titled "eps2.7init5.fve," Elliot (portrayed by Rami Malek) finally explained the events that happened before and after he hacked E Corp. He was seen to be out of jail and back in the real world.

Elliot will probably continue searching for the secret behind stage 2 of the plan. However, Darlene (played by Carly Chaikin) has already discovered that it is actually Elliot who is the mastermind behind the plan.

According to the synopsis of the episode, Elliot is suspicious of Mr. Robot's (portrayed by Christian Slater) intentions and wonders whether his alter ego had been lying to him all along. Elsewhere, Darlene is determined to do the right thing while DiPierro and the FBI are getting closer.

Episode 10 will most probably come out with the solutions to the issue that people at Ciso's door have been looking for. The episode might also provide explanation to several matters that have been left unanswered, one of which is Cisco witnessing something shocking at Susan's loft that left him numb.

The episode may also explain the reason behind Joanna Wallick waiting for Elliot outside his apartment building. Wallick is known among others as the wife of Tyrell.

As seen in the trailer of Episode 10, Wallick will bring Elliot to her house and it seems that she has some knowledge of the Five and Nine Hack. Though Wallick just wants to know the whereabouts of her husband, her true intentions will be revealed once the episode goes on air.