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Sam Esmail, creator of the USA Network's drama-thriller series "Mr Robot," has revealed new information regarding Season 2 of the series for fans eagerly waiting to find out the fate of Evil Corp after it was successfully hacked by Elliot (Rami Malek) in the Season 1 finale.

Viewers were left shocked when Mr Robot turned out to be Elliot and Darlene's father in the previous season. Afterwards, it was also revealed Mr Robot is not a human being but a figment of Elliot's imagination.

In the Season 1 finale, it was shown that Evil Corp — the biggest conglomerate of the world — was hacked and shut down by Elliot. However, the focus of the episode was Tyler's (Martin Wallström) whereabouts.

At the start of the Season 1 finale, Elliot woke up in Tyler's car and searched for Tyler, who was nowhere to be seen. Elliot was confused and tired and had no idea what had happened in the past couple of days.

Tyler's intentions are not yet revealed and might be emphasised in the next season. According to some fans, he might want to take his revenge and that is why he partnered with Elliot in the first place.

Also, some rumours suggest he wants to take control of Evil Corp and become its owner. The second season of "Mr Robot" might answer these rumours and explore Tyler's past.

There is a significant possibility that Tyler will betray Elliot soon, as previously he had murdered a woman who didn't give him what he wanted. Hence, one thing is for sure: Tyler can't be trusted at any cost.

In an interview with IGN, Martin had said the upcoming season will definitely be darker than the first season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sam Esmail, creator of the show, said Elliot's world in Season 2 will be like the burning city of Rome.

"What would happen to society if the consumer-debt industry were to be erased? To me, that canvas was something. I was interested in exploring, so, for me, that's what that last scene sets up. We're about to watch Rome burn. That's the world Elliot's going to enter next season," Ismail said.

"Mr Robot" Season 2 will most probably air in June/July this year as Season 1 aired in June 2015. However, there has been no official release date revealed yet.