"Jism 2" movie poster
"Jism 2" movie poster; Courtersy: Jsim 2 facebook

With Adult star Sunny Leone in a lead role and the film title itself reading 'Jism 2', what could one expect from the Bhatt's latest offering? Nothing less than excessive skin show, crammed with smooches, racy and sensual scenes will see fit for an answer.

Expecting a moral or a theme at the end of the film that would leave you inspired wouldn't be a wise idea. So it's clear: one has to hit the cinemas only to watch Leone, who the film's makers have marketed as the key selling point of the film.

The Bhatt camp was wise enough to clinch Leone's call-sheet in a bid to bank on her value as an adult star, considering the fame she secured following her debut in Indian reality show Big Boss last year. Prior to the film's release, movie bosses began marketing 'Jism 2' on the pre-text of an erotic/love thriller by releasing film posters and spicy pictures of her in lingerie, inevitably setting audience's imagination to run wild. Surprisingly, the USP of the movie is a bit of a letdown considering the several other double indemnity stories that have done better in the past.

The movie begins on a narrative note, in which the leading lady Izna played by Leone gives a prelude to the movie. In the very next scene Izna bumps into Ayaan, an Intelligence officer played by Arunoday Singh, at a night club and as expected jumps into bed with him.  

After a quick overnight fling, Ayaan asks her to work for his department as a spy in a bid to trap a dreaded assassin. And here enters Randeep Hooda as Kabir, a former top-cop and Izna's ex-beau.

For that, Ayaan offers Izna a sum of ₹ 100 million to hook up with Kabir and lead the officials to his den, where precious data consisting of information about big sharks in the underworld business dwell.

 Knowing Kabir's undying love for Izna, the officials set out a honey-trap for Kabir, who was seen bumping off the officers featured on his blacklist.

Izna initially refuses to join the mission, but eventually accepts to help officials in taking down Kabir in a fit of anger and vengeance. She is the only breaking point for Kabir, who has been unstoppable in his killings for years.

However, Kabir eventually falls into the trap knit by his girlfriend and rival officers.

Realizing that Kabir wasn't a terrorist himself but a victim of corrupt intelligence officials, Izna gets overcome with guilt and on a patho note in climax Izna and Ayaan finish themselves off.

When it comes to the erotic factor in the movie, it must be one of the lazy erotic acts that Leone might never have performed in her profession. The unexciting strip-tease and sensual façade was a complete letdown for the Bhatt camp, which delivered quite a few interesting erotic thrillers in the past.

Even on the thriller front, the movie miserably fails to thrill throughout the run.

On a lighter note, "Jism 2' songs are a breath of fresh air that audiences gulp loads full after every 20 to 30 minutes of suffocation into the movie. 'Ishq bhi kiya re maula' is one of the best revitalizing and melody numbers of the movie.

The movie revolves around just a few characters, with Leone, Hooda and Singh taking centerstage. Hooda and Singh have played their given characters in a convincing way, while Leone has the same fixated expression throughout the film.   

The dialogues in the movie are nerdish, sometimes to the point of being quite silly, invariably drawing a few laughs from the audience during serious scenes.

Overall, the film is a clunky product. Watch it only if you must.