A still from the upcoming film 'Force.'

All the eyes are on Bollywood director Nishikanth Kamath's upcoming action/ romance film 'Force' now.

The macho man John Abraham is playing the role of a hard-headed senior narcotics officer ACP Yashvardhan and opposite him is Genelia D'Souza, as a free- spirited girl 'Maya.'

Yashvardhan doesn't play by the book but always ensures that justice is served.

The film revolves around the works of the protagonist ACP, Yashvardhan, and his mission to eradicate criminals. He has a strong belief that if criminals have to be flushed out from society, instead of hand-cuffs,

A still from the upcoming film 'Force.'

bullets should be given to them. ACP Yashvardhan carries out a dangerous and significant operation to crack down on India's drug cartels, and faces a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing until he gets his revenge for the damage done to his business by the anti-narcotics team.

Amid the dangerous operation, Yashvardhan meets the free-spirited Maya (Genelia), whose love would push the hard- headed ACP make changes in his life.

The music by Harris Jayaraj and Lalit Pandit recevied positive response after the album's release with the opening track 'khwabon Khwabon,' and ''Main Chali' getting good reviews.

In a recent interview, Genalia claimed that unlike other action films where the heroine has nothing to do as the protagonist saves her always, in 'Force' the female protagonist is playing a strong character.

'Force' will be a combination of John Abraham's great body and Genelia's natural looks with Kamath's direction and is set to be released on Sept. 30, 2011.