Google smartphone
A model poses with the Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone to feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a HD Super AMOLED display, during a news conference in Hong Kong October 19, 2011.Reuters

Google's subsidiary Motorola Mobility had reportedly posted a job requirement of Senior Director Product Management for X-phone project on popular professional networking site LinkedIn, thus confirming the existence of the mystery smartphone.

Now, more details of X-Phone are emerging online about the speculated Motorola smartphone.

An informer told technology website PhoneArena that Motorola's X-phone would feature a Kevlar exterior case for long durability and long-lasting battery.

Speculated Specs of Motorola X-phone include:


Motorola X-Phone


Expected to feature5 to 4.8-inch

display screen


Android v5.0 OS (predicted

To be named Key Lime Pie)


Quad-core processor


Mammoth 128 GB(unlikely)

Additional storage

Despite 128GB memory, microSD slot does

not make sense


Expected to sport high-definition camera equipped

with Sony's Exmor RS camera sensor


3,000 mAh plus capacity for longer operation


Expected to cost around $299.99 with contract

Once released, X-Phone will become the first smartphone to come out after Google's acquisition of Motorola in a multi-billion dollar deal. The device will also be the first to run on Google's much-awaited mobile OS Android v5.0 A.K.A Key Lime Pie.

Speculations are rife that Motorola is also working on a tablet device, code-named X-tablet, which is expected to release later in the year.

Many technology blogs have predicted the new mystery X-Phone is likely to be unveiled at the Google I/O 2013 event which is scheduled at San Francisco's Moscone Center West in May.