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Motorola set to launch Darth Vader-inspired Moto Mods Style ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie releaseTechdroider (screen-shot)

After OnePlus, Lenovo's Motorola seems to have been bitten by the Star Wars bug, as the company has announced to launch a new Style Mod variant to commemorate the upcoming The Last Jedi edition movie.

Motorola has confirmed to release Star Wars iconic antagonist Darth Vader-inspired Moto Mod Style shell for the Moto Z series, but it will be limited only to the Chinese market for ¥129 (approx. $20/€17/Rs 1,234), reported TechDroider.

The new Moto Mod comes with Darth Vader in his black robe costume wielding a crimson-hued lightsaber in the red and black background having super imposed word 'Sith' and again at the bottom, the company has engraved 'Star Wars' in white with the same movie poster font.

[Note: Sith is a major antagonist community, of which Darth Vader is the lord, in the space opera setting of Star Wars.]

As of now, there is no word on when Motorola will release the Darth Vader Moto Mod Style shell outside China.

In a related development, OnePlus has confirmed to launch OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition in India on December 15, a day before the Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theatres across the world.

Unlike the new Moto Mods, the special edition OnePlus 5T does not feature any movie character on its shell, but colourful representation of the Stormtrooper (first order).

It comes with crimson-hued 'Star Wars' engraving on the back and power button. The volume rockers and the company's logo is painted with raven black and the rest of the back shell is snowy white. In total, it resembles a stormtrooper. Even the wallpaper theme on the display shows the helmet of the Star Wars soldier. Fans can also expect the device to come with exclusive themes and ringtones.

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OnePlus 5T StarWars Limited Edition set to hit Indian stores next weekOnePlus India Official Webpage (screen-shot)

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