Earlier in the month, Motorola launched the much awaited mid-range smartphone Moto G in India.

The feature-rich and affordable Moto G got a huge response from the market, with stocks running out within minutes of its release at an online store.

The overwhelming sales of Moto G is not surprising, considering the fact that the feature-rich phone comes in dirt cheap price and has also garnered a lot of praise from tech pundits as well as Moto G owners around the world.

Moto G despite boasting of water-resistant nano-coating, is susceptible to scratches and bumps from daily wear and tear. Hence, phone owners are recommended to purchase a good-quality cover case (or flip-cover) to prolong the durability of the device.

To help find a good smartphone cover-case, we have rounded-off a list of accessories that might interest users.

Motorola Cases and Covers:

Product name: Motorola Back-cover for Moto G


-      Protects from daily wear and tear scratches

-      Precisely Cut-out windows  for the camera and easy access to buttons

-      Takes bumps and accidental drops on the floor

Cover-cases are available in six colours -Vivid Red, Lemon Lime, Turquoise, White, Royal Blue and Violet. All are priced ₹899.

If buyers are not interested in bumper-cases, they can opt for flip-cover, which can offer protection to both the screen as well as on the rear-side.

Product name: Motorola Flip Cover for Moto G


-      Protects from scratches

-      Precise cut-out window for camera and easy access to buttons

-      Smart sensor triggers, auto-sleep/wake-up mode

-      Takes bumps and accidental drops on the floor

-      360-degree protection

Flip-covers are available in seven colours - Vivid Red, Lemon Lime, Turquoise, Black, White, Royal Blue and Violet. All priced ₹1,599.

One advantage of these two products is that, they are made by the Moto G maker Motorola. Flipkart, exclusive distributor of the company in India is offering some discounts to consumers if they buy Moto G with cover-case/flip-cover as a combo package.

[Note: as of now, all the cover-cases as well as flip-cover variants are sold out, the stocks are yet to be replenished by Flipkart. To keep a tab on the availability, click here]  

Though the official cover-cases/flip-covers are out of reach (for now), fret not there are other brands in the market which offer similar quality.

Cruzerlite Bugroid Circuit Case

Product name: Cruzerlite USA Bugdroid Circuit TPU Cases for Motorola Moto G


-      Made from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) to withstand cut and tear resistant than rubber, abrasion resistant and still flexible

-      Easy application and removal process

-      Shock absorbent, shatter-proof and anti-scratch material

Comes in black, smoke, clear, white, red, blue, purple, teal, pink, green and orange (availability of the colour variant is subject to change with time)

It is available on e-Bay India for ₹815 and on Amazon India for ₹779. (Prices are expected to change based on demand)

Empire MPERO IMPACT X Series

Product name: MPERO IMPACT X Series Kickstand Case for Motorola Moto G - Black / Neon Green


-      Designed with tough  with a dual-layer system of shock absorbing silicone and outer re-inforced tough polycarbonate plastic

-      Locking kick stand (ideal for watching videos on a table)

-      Enhanced device grip and tactile feel

-      Precise cut-outs for access to ports and button

Available in Neon Green colour for ₹1,049 at Amazon India.

Generic Silicone Case

Product name: Motorola Moto G Black Soft Silicon Case


-      Soft silicone (TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane ) case

-      Thin, light weight and durable

-      Made of treated rubber capable of resisting dirt and stains

-      Easy access to ports and buttons

Available in Black colour variant for ₹990 at Amazon India.