Motorola's Moto G made a remarkable debut in India last week, with stocks running out within few minutes after it got released via online stores. 

The feature-rich mid-range Motorola Moto G heaped a lot praise from tech critics and fans across the international markets for its affordability, specifications, clutter less interface and especially its superior battery life. Nonetheless, there are few simple tricks to further boost the battery life.

Here are some of the effective tips sourced from Motorola and the popular technology forum, XDA Developers:

1)   Software update: It goes without saying that every firmware update will always bring performance enhancing features for efficient management of battery source among the applications in the phone. [Update:  Motorola has rolled out the latest Android v4.4.2 KitKat to Moto G via OTA in India; for more information,Click Here]

2)   Turn-off Google Now: Most smartphone users may not know this, Google Now is multi-tasking application with huge appetite for data and needs constant connection to Internet, which has a profound effect on the battery life. Instead users can simply use Google search option to browsing internet whenever needed

3)   Disable heavy-weight app launchers: Apps like Go launcher, Themer, Next Launched 3D are notorious for occupying a lot of unnecessary RAM space, leading to draining of battery. Instead, it is advised to go for Nova, Apex or G.E.L.

4)   Selectively use Data Sync feature: Amateur (or wannabe) photographers owning Moto G would click more pictures during the day than normal users, every time you add a photo, if sync-setting is enabled, it gets automatically uploaded to the your cloud storage leaving you with hefty internet bill as well as low battery. It is recommend to use these features (like Google+, Photos and Books) selectively. 

      Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Tap Google >> Account Name >> disable the un  required services

5)   Turn-off Location services: Apps like Weather, Traffic updates, Google Maps and others need constant connection to the internet. They continue to run even not in use so it is advised to use them only when needed.

       Go to Settings >> Location Access >> turn off 'Access to my Location'

6)   Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi, despite being an energy efficient option than cellular, is still known to be a battery draining feature. It constantly searches for network availability in the back ground. Another wireless data transfer feature Bluetooth can also be turned-off when not in use.

     Swipe-down from the top screen Click quick setting icon >> scroll down to Wi- Fi option >> turn-off

     Quick setting >> scroll down to Bluetooth >> turn-off

7)   Set Display to Automatic: In any smartphone, display is one of the main abuser of battery, brighter the display faster the cell loses power, so Moto G's 4.5-inch HD screen is no different. It is recommended to set the display brightness to automatic or manually set the level.

      Swipe down to settings >> Brightness >> automatic or set manually based on lighting-condition of the surrounding environment

8)   Keep the Sleep Timer low: When the smartphone is not in use, users are recommended to put the screen manually to sleep or set the minimum time-out to around 1 minute or less

     Settings >> tap display >> Sleep >> set the time accordingly

9)   Selectively use the Data plan: If the user is not using internet, it is advised to keep the data connectivity 2G for audio-call, they can alternate with 3G/4G when they want to use for a video-call.

      Settings >> More >> Mobile Networks >> Network Mode

10)   Greenify: This feature-rich app will notify users about the applications running in the back ground so that it can be managed effectively. It also hibernates the apps when not in use , thereby stopping the applications from lagging the phone's operation as well as leeching of battery. Users can download this app at Google Play store. It's free but the downside is that it lacks auto-hibernation. Users who have rooted their device can use the alternate Greenify app for those handsets.