Moto 360 Metal Edition
Moto 360 Metal EditionIBTimes India

After the decent success of Moto 360 leather strap variant in India, Motorola has launched the metal band edition for Indian consumers. Available at a retail price of ₹19,999, the metal band edition has primarily been crafted for the luxury watch consumers.

The metal band edition of Moto 360 comes in light and dark chrome edition stainless steel bands with butterfly clasp.

The Moto 360 was launched last year and achieved decent success in a few countries. But initially the bad battery life and higher cost didn't manage to get the deserving success in some regions. But regular software updates, free watch faces and enhanced compatibility gradually accelerating the Android Wear popularity around the world.

Moto 360 is the first circular dial smartwatch and following its footstep LG and Huawei also launched similar round dial smartwatches. Now Samsung has also launched a teaser of its upcoming smartwatch, which also feature similar round dial design.

For pitching the sales of Android wear devices, Google is constantly updating the operating system. Recently, Google has announced several new features including Wi-Fi support and new gestures. According to rumours, Google is allegedly developing Android Wear app for the iOS platform, which will purportedly connect the Moto 360 with your iPhone device.

The new Android Wear update is also bringing some utility gestures, which will allow you to draw emojis direct on watch display and send back as reply. It will also add some relevant gestures to make smartwatches more meaningful than ever.