Motorola India's official Twitter account started teasing the shatterproof Moto X Force display on Monday, and confirmed the handset's arrival in the country "soon". The Lenovo-owned smartphone maker compared the Moto X Force with the industry's leading flagship devices in a video shared on YouTube on Sunday to generate interest among its fans in India.

Motorola did not specify when exactly it plans to launch Moto X Force in India. Since the company just confirmed the launch, more details are likely to arrive in the coming days. The teaser video shared by Motorola India shows various premium devices like the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z5 dropping on the floor and breaking their screens. And then the video shows Moto X Force dropped on floor without being damaged.

In a series of tweets, Motorola said: "Are you one amongst 40 percent of people who are deathly scared of dropping their phones? (sic)" and "Moto X Force coming soon. (sic)" Motorola India also started hashtag #Motofaceoff to promote the handset's upcoming launch.

Motorola's Moto X Force, which is known as Droid Turbo 2 in the US, has "Moto ShatterShield" display technology and water-repellant nano-coating. It can be an ideal companion for those who often accidentally drop their phones. According to its maker, Moto X Force is made with dual-layered touch screen panels, aluminium chassis and flexible AMOLED screen, making it strong enough to withstand falls.

On the back side of the device, Moto X Force has Kevlar, a material known to be five times stronger than steel, underneath ballistic nylon coating. The durability of the Moto X Force is its biggest USP.

In terms of specifications, Moto X Force is powered by a Snapdragon 810 octa-core chipset, 3GB RAM and has 32GB memory that is expandable up to 2TB. The handset features a 5.4-inch QHD display, 21MP primary camera with dual LED flash and 5MP front snapper. It runs on a 3,760mAh battery and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

There is no information on Moto X Force's price, but it will be priced around Rs 50,000, considering it was launched in the UK for £449 (roughly Rs 49,900) for 16GB model and £534 (around Rs 53,350) for the 64GB variant.