Motorola is doing reasonably well in the smartphone market by launching new models such as Moto G Turbo, Moto X Force and more. It is also focusing on the wearable segment with the recent release of Moto 360 (second generation). Now, rumours about Moto X 2016 edition are surfacing online showing a massive redesign for the upcoming smartphone.

A fresh image was leaked online by a Chinese source cnBeta showing the rumoured Moto X 2016 edition in a metal and glass construction, Talk Android reports. If true, it will be the biggest change Moto X has seen over the years.

The image, which shows just the rear design of the handset, revelas that the rear camera has a huge lens and a Motorola logo just below it. With a metallic construction, there are concerns if Motorola will ditch its signature Moto Maker customisations, which helped the Moto X line thrive despite heavy competition in the market.

The speakers have also shifted from the front side of the device to the rear bottom, which is the standard in most phones these days. Rumours also have it that the Motorola logo will likely be equipped with a fingerprint sensor, which is hard to identify in the low-resolution image shared by cnBeta.

According to Tech Radar, the leaked image is possibly showing an early build of the handset and further customisations are expected before the final version is released.

Motorola Moto X 2016 edition is set to release in the second half of 2016. Details of the handset are scarce at the moment, but rumours say it will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset, which is going to be a standard for high-end phones in 2016.