Moto Mods are one of the coolest parts of owning a Moto Z. You can add so many Mods to have some fun on your smartphone, like a loudspeaker, get extra battery life, project videos on the wall, take 360-degree videos, and so much more.

Motorola has decided to make it easier for customers to purchase Moto Mods for their smartphones. Moto has released a new application -- Moto Z Market for Android, which will allow Moto smartphone users to order Moto Mods compatible with their device.

However, it is a bit disappointing that the application only works in the United States.

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So, if users don't live in the United States, the application can be used purely for an informative purpose since users can't order any Moto Mods. Moto Z Market contains all the information about what Moto Mods users need for their Motorola smartphone.

Sadly, Moto Z Market app is pretty useless for users other than Motorola smartphone users in the United States. It's still unclear whether or not Motorola will allow customers in other countries like India and Australia to order Moto Mods using this app.

This Moto Z Market app lists all the different Moto Mods users can get on their phone. The Mods are all organised into categories, so you can easily find batteries, speakers, and other required Mods. It's a nice way to explore all the offerings.

However, if users want some discount on Moto Mods sales, then Moto Z Market app is a bad place to shop. Moto Z Market app doesn't give any discount on any purchase but on the other side, there are e-commerce websites which are offering some awesome discounts during the holiday season.