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Flipkart recently hinted at releasing Moto Turbo in India.The Motorola Droid Turbo was launched last October via Verizon wireless carrier in the United States. Later it was rolled out to the global market with the name of Moto Droid Maxx. The device sold like hotcakes in both the continents, and Moto Droid Maxx aka Droid gained a cult following.

Targeting the high-end smartphone buyers, the Droid Turbo is expected to compete with upcoming flagships like Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia Z4 and even some successors of Moto X. We still believe Moto Turbo will find a huge market in India for the following reasons:

Build Quality

Moto Turbo might look a bit boring to the fashion-conscious customers, but the Kevlar or ballistic nylon back cover will definitely impress users who want a different-looking phone. The use of the Kevlar fibre back cover is it's easier to hold, looks premium than the regular glossy/matte plastic cover, and is able to mask fingerprints and smudges.


The Turbo packs a 2.7GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 805 SoC married with 3GB worth RAM and 32GB or 64GB memory. Boasting a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display with 1440x2560 pixels resolution at 565 ppi pixel density, the Turbo is sure to outperform many high-end smartphones for sure.


Rather than featuring a regular 13MP primary camera, Moto Turbo flaunts a 21MP camera with f/2.0 aperture with dual LED flash, which can any day click better pictures than the lower resolution ones. For the front, Motorola has chosen a 2MP camera which might not be preferred by a selfie-obsessed consumer; but front cameras are more useful for VOIP calls and less for clicking selfies. If you still want to click a high-resolution selfie, you can always opt for an inexpensive selfie stick.


Motorola fans prefer Moto series smartphones for two main reasons: they are the first to get software updates, and the interface gives a less-bloated stock Google feel. Since Google has already released Android Lollipop 5.1 to the latest Android One smartphones, Motorola might bring the smartphone with the latest OS update to impress Indian customers.

Fast Charging

The Moto Turbo bundle adds the Motorola Turbo charger, which can charge the device very fast by using Snapdragon's quick charging feature. It also supports wireless charging, which leaves you free from hassles of short charging wires. However, the wireless charging takes a long time to charge than the device, comparing to the fast charging feature.

Battery Life

However, the most important reason for picking the Moto Turbo might be its gigantic 3,900 mAh battery. However, it's true that the battery made the Turbo thick and heavy. But a bigger battery always keeps you less worried while travelling or so. According to the current Droid Turbo users, the battery life lasts around a couple of days, which is great!