Ranbir Roy

Motivation is something that you get by yourself or through some external force. Giving an extra push of motivation by sharing anecdotes and life experiences, Ranbir Roy is one of the influential names on the internet. His words have often created wonders, thereby helping people grow on their personal and professional horizons. An entrepreneur by profession, he on various occasions has been imparting his knowledge on leadership and business management to all budding business minds.

With his roots in Patna, he was brought up in Delhi and Pune. As a curious child, he was always open to experimenting with newer things. The entrepreneur holds a bachelor's degree in law from Delhi University. After his graduation, he pursued a Master's degree. He was clear to walk on the path of entrepreneurship which saw him establish different companies like RR Group of Hotels, India ESports Company, and VSG Media & Management Company.

Among many things, it is his discipline and positive mindset that distinguishes him from others. "Time management is the key. I believe you must know how to manage your mind, and also manage your time to become successful. I have always emphasized the need for cultivating positive thoughts to lead a positive life. After all, what you think is what reflects in your day-to-day activities", he reveals.

Besides managing multiple businesses at one go, he has created waves for his near-accurate predictions on social media. He strongly believes in his intuition. During the IPL 2021, he made many predictions about the cricket matches that turned out to be true. On the contrary, he is a cricket analyst.

Speaking about his achievements, he said, "I cannot forget my roots and where I have come from. My journey towards success was indeed a roller-coaster ride with a fair share of ups and downs. It is all about patience and creating opportunities rather than waiting for them." On a concluding note, he stated that the road towards success is an uphill task, and one must embrace the good and bad before tasting success.