Mothers Day
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With the most special day for all mothers just around the corner, we have put together a list of our favorite reel moms that we love on Amazon Prime Video. This Mother's Day, ditch that restaurant reservation, grab some popcorn with your mum, and binge watch these shows that are full of drama, humour and love.


Anjana Patel - Anjana Menon balances her personal and professional life post her divorce; being a successful lawyer by profession and a devoted single mother to her four-year-old daughter. After her divorce, she puts her daughter's life before hers and stays in touch with her ex-husband to avoid any conflict for her daughter. She has no time to date; while her ex-husband has moved on with his young lady love. Anjana spends most of her time trying to master the game of perfection as a mother and a lawyer, which often turns out to be more of a bane.

Sneha Patel - Siddhi Patel, the youngest friend from the girl gang is a rich socialite whose self-image is always brutally crushed by her mother, Sneha Patel. Sneha is overly critical about her daughter and the duo share a love hate relationship. While she makes it her life goal to get her daughter married, she is also the only one who supports and protects her daughter when her secret is out.

Four More Shots Please revolves around the lives of four very different women each fighting their own individual battles and tackling life as it comes. Based in the southern tip of Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, these four friends get together every couple of days to binge talk and get smash drunk at their favorite garage bar, 'Truck'. It's the magic of pure, unadulterated and yet sometimes flawed, friendship. Four More Shots Please! is the urban, millennial Indian woman's gaze, a slice-of-life, brutally realistic portrait of what it is like to be in a country caught in a constant battle between the traditional and modern, to be a thinking woman, to be free in a country caught up in chains and to be honest in a country that thrives on hypocrisy.


Gayatri Mathur, a sixty year old widow from the 8.4 IMDb rated Amazon Original Made In Heaven, has found love once again and is now set to marry a Bengali architect. While she has received a go ahead from everyone except her children, the people who matter the most to her. The children refuse to attend the wedding as they believe that their mother remarrying would be embarrassing. The only request the mother has when asked by the wedding planners is that she wants her kids to attend the wedding.

Prime Original SeriesMade In Heaven chronicles the lives of Tara and Karan, two wedding planners in Delhi. These two headstrong individuals often mask their supreme vulnerability - sometimes even from each other, as their wedding planning agency "Made In Heaven" forces them to open up andreveal themselves. The show portrays today's India as a potent blend where tradition jostles with modern aspiration, set against the theme of the 'Big Fat Indian Wedding'. Indians believe marriages are made in heaven and it is against these sacred unions that Tara and Karan's personal journeys are juxtaposed. With world class production values and a magnificent scale, the show provides the viewer with a grand cinematic experience of intricacies and the drama around upscale Indian weddings.


Midge, the main character of the 8.7 IMDb rated Amazon Original Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is a Jewish housewife with a charismatic personality. When her husband leaves her, she goes on to pursue a successful career in standup comedy, shuffling between building her empire and being a mother, she learns to manage both. In a time where Midge should have been a stay at home mum looking after her kids, Midge went ahead and built her empire in the standup comedy space.


Mom, follows the story of Christy a newly sober single mom who decides to start a new life after struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse. With her dysfunctional family comprising of a recovering alcoholic mother, her teenage daughter born when Christy was 17 who is a mother herself now and a young son, Christy tries her best to stay on the right path to meet her goals.


Rebecca from This is Us an IMDb 8.7 rated show is a mother of three, raises three children, each with their own problems. She constantly works towards keeping her family together and spends a lot of her time worrying about her children. With the untimely death of her husband she proves to be the strong mother who should not be underestimated.