Mother's Day Google Doodle
Mother’s Day Google Doodle: G Turns A Mother This Time To Embrace O TwinsGoogle

The search engine giant Google is celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday in its customary simple style with a new doodle showing a mother embracing her children.

The Mother's Day has been celebrated worldwide every year. However, it is being observed on various days in many parts of the country. In India it is being marked on 13 May.

Mother's Day is celebrated to honour mothers and recognise the importance of motherhood and maternal bonds.

As the search page opens, the animated fourth letter of Google, 'G', is being shown as a mother waiting for her children. The second and the third letter 'O' in the logo is transformed into animated children, who emerge looking at their mother from behind a door, holding flower in their hands.  They run to their mother and jump on her shoulders and the mother embraces them with a heart-warming hug.

The internet major marks every special day with creative doodles on its main page. The six letters of company logo, Google, have taken different transformations over the years to signify the specialty of the day.

Anna Jarvis was the person behind the celebrations of Mother's Day. She is also the founder of Mother's Day International Association.

Anna Jarvis initiated the thought of devoting a day to the celebration of the motherhood and honour mothers worldwide, who have been making priceless contributions for the development of human civilization.

The Mother's Day has been celebrated since olden days. Many ancient civilizations has observed the day devoted to mark the importance of motherhood.

But, the present day celebrations began when Anna Jarvis, in 1908, organized a memorial in remembrance of her mother with the permission of church authorities.

However, it was only in 1914 Mother's Day was official established when former US President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation announcing the second Sunday in the month of May as the Mother's Day, after years of Jarvis' relentless efforts.

IBTimes wishes you all a very Happy Mother's Day.