Mother's Day 2014
Mother's Day 2014: Here are 12 inspiring quotes, sayings to share with your mom.Wikimedia Commons

The world is set to celebrate Mother's Day 2016 on May 8, Sunday. Although all the mothers are forever special, it is that time of the year when one can make his or her mom feel more loved and special by surprising her with some gifts.

There are a host of items that one can gift to one's mother, but picking up the best gift with best prices might appear to be little difficult at times. Here are some gift ideas for Mother's Day that can help you bring a wide smile on her beautiful face:

1) Kitchen set or household items: Most of the household and kitchen works are usually done by moms and thus gifting her kitchen wares will be a nice idea. Also, there are a number of other household stuffs like mixer grinder, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc., that you can gift her to make her daily work easier.

2) Customised family album: Moms are generally the most emotional part of a family and gifting her something that is close to her heart is always a good option. One can make an album with a collection of some old family get-togethers or pictures of you and her in the same frame. She will definitely love it.

3) Arrange a family outing: In this hectic day to day routine, spending quality time with family becomes something rare. If you can arrange a nice outing for her, taking the entire family along, this will create a memory for her to cherish for a long time.

4) Bouquets and cards: Everyone likes surprises and you can give her a pleasant morning surprise by arranging flowers and bouquets around her bed. You can also keep greeting cards, expressing your love for your mom.

5) Usual but evergreen gifts: If you do not have much time to spend, you can choose from a number of gift options that do not require planning and can also make your mother feel special. Items like dresses, perfumes, bags, gadgets, etc can always be in your wish-list and like any other girl, moms love shopping too.