In a unique event, a 53-year-old mother and her 27-year-old daughter tied the knot at a mass wedding ceremony held under Mukhyamantri Samuhik Vivah Yojna in Gorakhpur.

The woman, Beli Devi, whose husband Harihar died 25 years ago, married her husband's younger brother Jagdish, 55, at the ceremony where 63 couples, including a Muslim couple, tied the knot.

Mass marriage

Beli Devi's youngest daughter, Indu, also got married in the same ceremony that took place last week. Jagdish is a farmer and was unmarried till now.

"My two sons and two daughters are already married so with the marriage of my youngest daughter, I decided to marry my brother-in-law. All my children are happy," Beli Devi told reporters.

Indu was married to 29-year-old Rahul. "My mother and uncle took care of us and I am very happy that now they will look after each other," said Indu. Senior district officials were present at the mass wedding event.