A new beheading video released by the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists shows 10 Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers reciting prayers from the Quran moments before they are brutally executed by the Sunni terror group.

The video released by the Isis fighters on Wednesday, 30 September, was shot near Mosul, Iraq. The video is one of the most brutal execution clips released by the terror group till date and many shared the video on social media with a caption "Don't watch if you have a faint heart."

Like most Isis videos, the 5-minute long execution video of Peshmerga soldiers contains high-quality editing style, with several close shots of the victims.

Ten Peshmerga soldiers are seen dressed in orange jumpsuits, while the Isis executioners stand behind the victims in black, wearing face masks and holding hunting knives.

The Kurdish soldiers in the video are seen reciting verses from the Quran, while a few are heard making their final prayers of Shahada.

Isis claims that the video is addressed to Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani "who abandoned" his soldiers. Isis reportedly had asked the Kurdish leader to release over 1,000 jihadist fighters from its prison.

An Isis fighter after decapitating the 10 soldiers and placing the heads on top of their bodies, steps out and says that this will be the fate of all enemies of Islam. 

Kurdish news outlet reported that the Isis released the video hours after its lost 40 men in a battle near Mount Batiwa.

Rudaw reported that the slain soldiers were captured by Isis back in January. However, in July the Isis had reached an agreement with local Sunni tribal leaders that it would release the Peshmerga soldiers.