The depraved terrorists of Islamic State (Isis) reportedly stoned a married man to death in the Iraqi city of Mosul for allegedly having an extra-marital affair.

A Sharia court of the Sunni terror group brought the man to the town square and people were asked to stone him to death because he was an "adulterer".

Images shared on social media shows an Isis judge announcing the punishment, while stones can be seen neatly stacked up on the road. Photographs taken after the stoning show the dead victim covered in blood, lying on the road.

There is no information on whether the man or woman, who he had the affair with, was also stoned to death. However, on the same day, the Isis also executed a "gay" by throwing him off a building's roof in Mosul.

The Isis took over Mosul in June 2014 and since then the terror outfit has imposed its own interpretation of Sharia law in the second largest Iraqi city.

The Islamic State carried out its first stoning in Mosul in September 2014. It had then even distributed pamphlets inviting residents to witness the stoning of the man on charges of "adultery" in Bab al Sham neighbourhood.

Since then dozens of people have been executed by the Isis in rather brutal manner. Homosexual men have been thrown off roofs, thieves have been crucified and women have been stoned for failing to wear hijab.