The Islamic State (Isis) militants have released the names of about 2,000 Iraqi soldiers and government officials executed by the group since taking over Mosul in 2014. According to RFERL, the list contains the names of policemen, former army officers, local officials, lawyers, journalists, doctors, and rights activists, including many women.

Local ground sources told AFP that the list contains the names of 2,070 people executed by the terrorist group. The list was put up on the wall of the local health ministry branch.

The official Isis statement said that they were executed for "promoting ideas that distorted Islam".

According to Weasel Zippers, Isis has asked the local Mosul coroners to issue a death certificate in the name of the executed.

The Iraqi Vice President has strongly condemned Islamic State's (IS) arbitrarily killings in Mosul as the group recently announced they had carried out 2,000 executions since they took control of the city.

The office of Iraqi Vice-President, Usama al-Nujayfi, condemning the Isis atrocities, released a statement saying that "the people of Mosul have made the greatest sacrifices in confronting the jihadist group."

Isis took over the second largest Iraqi city of Mosul on 10 June, 2014 and after announcing its Caliphate in Iraq, the terrorist group has executed thousands of men and women.

Reports on Saturday (8 August) claimed that the Sunni radical group executed at least 300 civil servants who worked for the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission inside Mosul. It was reported that at least 50 of those executed by Isis firing squad at the Al Gazlani camp were women.