The Islamic State (Isis)--known for its brutal and innovative ways to punish people--recently executed 27 people in Iraq by putting them on an electric chair. It said that these people were arrested for planning attacks against the group in Mosul.

A Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official, Saeed Mamouzini, told that the men were arrested while they were planning to "carry out operations against" the Isis.

"The execution was by electric chair in the old prison of Mosul," Mamouzini added. In recent months, there has been an increase in anti-Isis activities in Mosul, which has been under the Isis control since June 2014.

Last week, reports had emerged that five women from al-Khansa Brigade (also spelled al-Khanssaa Brigade) of the Isis had been gunned down by unknown vigilantes opposing the Sunni terrorist group. The dreaded all-woman only secret police of Isis are notorious for their support for child marriage.

The women officers of the al-Khansa Brigade are given the task of ensuring that women in Mosul abide by Sharia dress code. They are also responsible for handling the Isis sex slaves and teaching them on how to "please the jihadi militants".

The Isis in Mosul has also seen a rise in internal conflict. In the beginning of September, the terror group had executed as many as 112 Isis fighters after they staged a failed coup against the Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.