The Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly opened a dedicated organ trading medical facility in Mosul, which is named after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

According to a report published on Russian news website Sputnik, the facility for buying and selling human organs was opened on 13 July. A spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) told Sputnik that in this clinic, Isis doctors harvest human organs from poor Mosul residents. 

"Most of the population in Mosul is in utter poverty. Some of the residents are forced to sell their body parts so that they don't starve to death," Sputnik quoted KDP spokesperson Saeed Mamuzini as saying.

At times, the Isis also imprisons people to coerce them into selling a particular body organ.

"The captives are imprisoned and threatened with death, or they are promised to be released in exchange for a particular organ," he said. The donor is paid around 4 million dinars (about $3,500), but these organs are sold at much higher rates to rich clients, he added.

In December, it was reported that the Isis was harvesting organs from even its dead fighters. The Sunni terrorist outfit, which according to Forbes, has a daily income of $3 million, makes substantial profit from selling human organs.