At least 15 Islamic State (Isis) fighters were injured after an explosive device containing chlorine detonated during the launch by the terror group, a US-based Arabic-language news channel reported.

Alhurra reported that several Isis fighters were being treated for chlorine poisoning after the bomb packed with poisonous chemical detonated during the launch north of Mosul.

The report noted that the Sunni terror group was firing shells packed with chlorine on Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers near Kherbana village when one of those exploded.

A recent WSJ report, citing intelligence agencies, confirmed that the Isis had used chlorine in several attacks in Iraq. Last week, US officials confirmed to NBC News that the Isis has used chemical weapons in Iraq against Peshmerga fighters.

Mustard gas, which was widely put to use during the First World War, can cause blisters, blindness and respiratory problems.

In July, an independent investigation by two organisations had confirmed that the Sunni terror group was using improvised chemical weapons against civilians and Kurdish militia groups in Syria and Iraq.

It was reported that the missiles filled with deadly chemicals such as chlorine were also fired at Kurdish forces.