The Islamic State (Isis) militants have executed at least 12 children near the Iraqi city of Mosul after they tried to flee the Isis training camp, according to a Kurdish daily.

Kurdistan Democratic Party spokesperson Saeed Mamouzini told Rudaw that 12 children tried to flee an Isis training camp in Al Salam, but were arrested and later executed in Al Ghabat area of Mosul.

The Iraqi official said that the 12 children aged 12 to 16 were executed on Saturday, 1 November.

The radical Muslim group Isis, operates several boots camps where children are brainwashed and desensitised against violence.

In the Isis training camps, the children are taught to handle weapons and explosives but  to be inducted into the Isis child brigade - the "cubs of Baghdadi," the children are forced to behead or execute someone publicly.

The recruits for the Isis camps are mostly children kidnapped from schools. In the last few months, the Sunni terror group has abducted hundreds of school children from areas around Mosul. 

A report published by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) in July found that at least 52 Isis child soldiers have died fighting for the Islamic State in 2015.

SOHR noted that the brutal terrorist group has also used as many as 19 children as suicide bombers.