A New Year's Eve party without some awesome cocktails is unimaginable.

However, each individual has his or her certain choices. Some like it fruity, while others want it strong. Some of us are more into classic, traditional cocktails, whereas others love to experiment and come up with a new one of their own.

There is a plethora of options available for everyone. Nevertheless, here are seven cocktail variants from celebrity chefs that will definitely make your New Year's Eve party memorable.

Jamie Oliver's 'Winter Sidecar'

The classic cocktail is topped with season flavours of cinnamon and Clementine, that will surely enhance the mood of party-goers. Besides, it looks really attractive in the glass. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Nigel Slater's 'Christmas Cocktail'

Stir apple brandy, apple juice and sparkling wine, and there's your amazing Christmas Cocktail! The good-looking and equally good-tasting cocktail is easy to make. Frozen raspberries can be added for more charm. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Nigella's 'Pomegranate Christmas Cocktail'

The cocktail is based on the Italian liquor Vermouth, and is garnished with ginger ale. Party guests will surely find this blood-red cocktail irresistible. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Lorraine Pascale's 'Lychee, Basil and Mint Bellini'

This refreshing and unique cocktail will undoubtedly impress guests. Made using Prosecco, cava, sparkling wine or champagne with a hint of lemonade, it is the perfect drink for the New Year Eve. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Jamie Oliver's 'Christmas Punch'

This cocktail is prepared punch bowl-style, with festive flavours of the New Year. If there are a lot of guests, it is one of the easiest cocktails to make and serve without hassle. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Nigella's 'Snowball'

Another cocktail from Nigella, this one is one of the favourites of the celebrity cook. Nigella claims it is great for celebrating New Year's Eve even though it is somewhat out of fashion. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

Andy Pearson's 'Bloody Mary'

This one is for New Year's Day. If you are exhausted from all the partying and celebrations of last night, Bloody Mary is your thing. CLICK HERE for the recipe.