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The results of a recent poll conducted by Croft Additive Manufacturing on 3D printing revealed that most participants wanted to print something that would have a harmful effect on the society.

In the survey, as many as 600 people from around the United Kingdom participated. Around 39 percent of the people wished to print money. The next 2 things that people wanted to print the most with the help of the 3D printing technology were furniture and houses.

The percentage of people who voted for printing furniture was 15 per cent, while 13 per cent wanted to print houses.

Rest of the people who participated in the survey, however, preferred to print fun stuff through the technology. The choices were cars, human look-alike models, food items, shoes, mobile phones, guitars and engagement rings. Fortunately, nobody wished to make guns.

The poll further asked the participants why they would opt for the 3D printing technology, to which more than one fourth of the people said to save money and for fun. Around 22 percent of the people said they would use the technology to learn more about it, while others said they would prefer it as it would offer more design freedom.

Although the achievement through 3D printing technology is spectacular, it's still in its early stages with regard to consumer use. Most people from countries like the United States and India are yet to know about this technology and its applications.