According to the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) 69th round survey report on housing conditions with the Model Prison Manual 2016, most Indian homes are smaller than prison cells.

The report says, majority of India's population, both rural and urban, lives in homes with space smaller than the minimum floor area per person recommended for prison cells.

About 80% of the poorest rural households have an average floor area equal to or smaller than 449 sq ft, says the report. In case of rural areas, the average household size is 4.8 members, which means 94 sq ft or less is available per person.

Similarly, in urban areas, the poorest 60% of families live in houses that have an average floor area of 380sq ft or lower. In case of urban areas, with average household size of 4.1 members, the per capita space is 93sq ft for these houses.

Therefore, both sizes are lower than the 96 sq ft of ground area recommended for prison cells.

Surprised? Well, lets not forget the homeless ones!

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