Most expected Battlefield 1 patch finally set for release
Most-awaited Battlefield 1 patch finally set for release.Electronic Arts

Battlefield 1 loyalists across the world would be thrilled to know that the new patch to the game has now got a confirmed release date. This most-awaited patch will be made official very soon.

The Battlefield 1 patch will be seeded along with the map called the Giant's Shadow. The new update will be seeded for all gamers universally on December 20, and to those who have pre-ordered the map and for those in possession of the Season's Pass on December 13. The USP of the new Battlefield 1 patch will be the fact that the performance issues that have been widely reported by PS4 Pro users are most likely to be addressed.

In related news, game tipsters have hinted at the release of a new Crossbow Grenade Launcher as part of a new update to Battlefield 1. Game tipster Westie (via his new YouTube video) claims to have found an image which he believes is of a new DLC weapon slated for release soon.

Westie quotes an art website called ArtStation and also a post by the lead artist of Battlefield 1, Peter Olofsson Hermanrud, who is said to have posted images that are believed to be of new weapons. Click here to check out full details regarding the release of the rumoured new Crossbow Grenade Launcher.

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