Jason Vorhees now available for Mortal Kombat X
Jason Vorhees now available for Mortal Kombat X

NetherRealm and Warner Bros. Interactive's latest addition to the Mortal Kombat series, Mortal Kombat X, is making headlines once again. And now, aside its final release, the game is already on the verge of adding new characters and costumes to the roster.

While the game is already out there for fans, the developers recently breathed a new lease of life into it with the addition of a new playable character in the form of Jason Vorhees. This is the same Jason that has been tormenting college kids since 1980, thanks to the popular "Friday the 13th" movie franchise.

Heading back to the game, if you have picked up a copy of the game on PS4, there might be a chance that Jason isn't showing up in the roster as expected after the 5 May push out. And before you start panicking about how your game is damaged, know that there's a minor glitch in the PS4 version and Jason Voorhees isn't loading.

However, there's now a quick fix to the situation that will successfully load Jason as one of fighters in the Mortal Kombat X roster, when playing on PS4. As of now, it seems like the glitch has been fixed by Sony and NetherRealm Studios. But if you are yet to receive the fix on your console, here's the workaround.

Step 1: Download the Kombat Pack, Jason Voorhees and the Horror Pack from the PS Store. To find it, head to the PlayStation Store, search Mortal Kombat X, then select the game page and scroll down to Add-Ons.

Step 2: Now start the game. But before starting, make note that even if you've already downloaded the Kombat Pack, you will still need to download Jason Voorhees and the Horror Pack separately.

Step 3: Head over to the Training Mode or a Single Fight and select two characters and a stage.

Step 4: While the fight sequence is loading, just press the PS button and open the Netflix app to suspend MKX. If you don't have it on your main bar it's under the TV & Video section (You don't need an account for Netflix. Just download it from the PS Store).

Step 5: Wait for few seconds and then go back to MK X, pause the game and go back to the character select screen. You'll be asked if you want to postpone Mortal Kombat X in order to open the Netflix app. Select "Yes" to continue and allow the Netflix app load for a moment.

Step 6: Provided you have done everything correctly, you should now see Jason Voorhees on the top row to the far left, and the silhouette of Tanya on the far right. Regrettably though, you will have to follow this method every time you want to play as Jason Voorhees, until the game receives the fix from the developers.

All set to play as Jason in Mortal Kombat X? Check out our MK X guide for all the moves, brutalities and fatalities for Jason here.

[Source: Prima Games]