The Predator is heading over to Mortal Kombat X
The Predator is heading over to Mortal Kombat X

After the revelation of Jason Vorhees as a playable character for the newly released Mortal Kombat X, the next entrant into the roster is the Predator, whose arrival is eagerly awaited.

The iconic alien dude of our childhood will now arrive as a special downloadable character, just like Jason.

Going by the fact that Jason was made exactly as his image, in the movie franchise, we expect the same to pan out for the galaxy's ultimate hunter as well. To be honest, with his brutality and hunting skills, the Predator should be an automatic choice to fill up the roster (makes us question, why he wasn't there in the previous games).

We aren't quite sure about the moves and fatality list for the Predator, heading into the Mortal Kombat universe for the first time ever. As you may expect, neither NetherRealm nor Warner Bros. have details about the character. This leaves our imagination open to the kind of moves the developer might end up adding for the character.

Here is a list of the predicted fatality moves for the Predator for Mortal Kombat X.

Plasma Caster Blows Up the Head

The Plasma Caster is probably one of the most iconic weapons in the Predator's arsenal (ever since the days of Arnold and the famous "getth innthho the chhoppor" rant). And going by the movie, if you remember Mac's death, you should have no difficulty identifying the Plasma Cutter. The shot involved the Plasma Cutter's 'three red dots' marker moving slowly up Mac's arm and eventually pointed at his head, which later explodes, painting the forest red, with Mac's brain splattered all over. Seems like the perfect Mortal Kombat fatality match – brutal, unforgiving and boatloads of gore.

Rips Out Spinal Cord With the Skull Attached

If the Plasma Cutter is the most iconic weapon in the Predator's arsenal, the spinal cord yank has to be his most memorable kill procedure. While this one is a straightforward kill technique, it's also quite brutal and, seriously, no one deserves to die like that. The kill technique was made even more brutal in the previous Predators movie where galaxy's ultimate hunter walks up to his prey and pulls out his spinal cord with the skull attached to it, in one swift act – horrifying, disgusting and an instant Mortal Kombat hit.

Smart Disc Decapitates Enemy into Two

The smart disc decapitation we saw in Predators 2 might not have lived in our memories, but that doesn't mean it isn't an effective and equally gory way of getting rid of your enemy. This razor sharp Smart Disc has an action that's quite similar to that of a Frisbee and will cut through almost anything it touches, including chunks of human flesh. If indeed this one makes into the Predator's list of fatality moves, at least expect NetherRealm to improvise on it with adding one or two weapons or moves that will make the move look more grotesque than usual.

The Predator is a perfect match for the Mortal Kombat universe and will surely complement the game's gore factor. We are just waiting to see what more NetherRealm can think of for the character before its release. Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]