Ferra/Torr from Mortal Kombat X
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The PC version of Mortal Kombat X recently got entwined in a controversy after a patch pushed out by the developers for the game started deleting all the saved games for players. Needless to say the patch was pulled after a growing number of complaints were received. However, the patch is now back with fixes made to it.

The latest patch for the PC version of the game was pulled by the developers after it was found messing up players' saved games. Developer High Voltage, which is credited for the game's PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 ports, removed the 15.8GB update just hours after it was pushed live.

As expected, Steam users took to the game's store page with a number of complaints, while High Voltage also confirmed the problems and notified its users that it was now working on a new version of the patch.

True to its promise, High Voltage later released a fixed version of the patch that would keep the players' progress intact, the developer announced in a Steam community update.

Sadly though, the fix will not bring back lost progress for the unlucky ones who downloaded the patch before it was fixed. "We are truly sorry if the recent patch did cause you to lose your game save," the developer stated. "Affected players should be hearing from us soon with details on how we are addressing the situation."

The new 15GB patch, which featured the release of Jason Voorhees for early access players, is also said to improve the game's PC performance. However, players faced a tough time after the patch deleted all their saved data. Later, after the problem was made known to everyone, it was pulled from Steam.

Let us know if you are still facing problems after installing the patch for the game. You will find details about the patch in the change-log available for it in Steam's official community page.