Tanya from Mortal Kombat X
Tanya from Mortal Kombat X

Tanya is the latest fighter to have been introduced in NetherRealm's recent Mortal Kombat X title. She arrived with the recently released Klassic Pack for the game as a special 'kombatant'. Although the new skins in the Klassic Pack may seem a bit bland, the inclusion of Tanya more than makes up for that.

As expected, Tanya comes with a host of moves up her sleeves, and it's solely up to the players to make the most out of her versatility and lightweight manoeuvres. Tanya also comes with a number of variations. Let's take a look at how to play as Tanya in Mortal Kombat X.

Air Up and Over (X-Ray Move)

As far as Tanya's X-Ray move is concerned, know that her's is one of the few X-Ray moves in the game that has to be performed in the air. The move covers a downward angle and fits the entire length of the screen. You can always mix a combo move with the X-Ray to amplify the amount of damage, although it's better to save the meter for her Quick Teleportation skills. The best time to pull off her X-Ray is when the opponent is slightly airborne and looking to hit Tanya with some sort of counter.

Tanya Attack Variations

Low-Spin Kick

Tanya's low-spin kick move is one of the many tools that fit in well with her character. The move covers almost the entire part of the screen, while its enhanced version (Low Drill Kick) offers Tanya armour and launches the opponent into the air. However, both the versions can be ineffective if the opponent blocks the move. In such a case, you can mix your hit with the Flip Kick that will hit the opponent over the head and Tanya will stand a better chance of survival.

How to Perform: Back, Forward + Circle (for PlayStation). Down, Forward + B (for Xbox)

Flip Kick

Tanya's Flip Kick works in the same way her Low Spin Kick does. The move covers the entire screen and hits as an overhead attack form. Just like the Low Spin Kick, both the version of the Flip Kick (Split Flip Kick is the enhanced version of it) is open to faults, provided the opponent blocks the move. However, you can mix the Flip Kick with the Low Spin Kick to keep your opponent guessing.

How to Perform: Down, Back + Circle (for PlayStation). Down, Back + B (for Xbox)


Tanya has impressive teleportation abilities that give her excellent control over movement and the ability to cancel combos. There are two different Teleport moves that Tanya can pull from her locker any time. Tanya's default Teleport move make her go backwards and into the air, while the other one takes her forward. Both the Teleport moves can be performed when airborne to move her back or forward horizontally. Try getting Tanya into the air with her Quick Teleport move and later mix it up with the original Teleport one.

How to Perform: Down, Back + X (for PlayStation). Down, Back + A (for Xbox)

Air Spin Kick/Air Split Drop

Tanya can mix her moves while airborne with the Air Spin Kick and the Air Split Drop. Again, neither will reap you full profit if the opponent manages to block the moves. However, try mixing both the moves with Tanya's numerous Teleport abilities. In fact, you could keep the opponent guessing if you can add up Tanya's aerial abilities to both the kick variations.

How to Perform: Air Spin Kick: Down, Forward + Circle (for PlayStation, while airborne). Down, Forward + B (for Xbox, while airborne) | Air Split Drop: Down, Back + Circle (for PlayStation, while airborne). Down, Back + B (for Xbox, while airborne)

Tanya Character Variants

Kobu Jutsu Variant: With the Kobu Jutsu variant, Tanya can effectively delay and even cancel her Teleport moves. There's a projectile attack move available here called the Tonfa Toss (Down, Forward + Square | Down, Forward + X), alongside a special move combo called Tonfa Swipe (Down, Forward + Triangle | Down, Forward + Y). In the air, she has access to Blade Dive (Down, Forward + Triangle | Down, Forward + Y in the air) which adds to her dominant aerial abilities.

Dragon Naginata Variant: Tanya's Dragon Naginata variation gives her more range than her other variations, with amplified air mobility. Here she gains a number of basic attacks, a few combos and three very important special moves. There's the High Slash (Back + Square | Back + X), the Lunging Stab (Back+ Triangle | Back + Y) and High Poke (Diagonally Down-Back + Triangle | Y). Apart from that, Tanya also gains the Ankle Kutter (Back + Square/X, Triangle/Y), Spin Cycle (Back + X/A, Triangle/Y) and Slicing Wind (Forward + Circle/B, Triangle/Y) combos in the Dragon Naginata variation.

Pyromancer Variant: The Pyromancer variant gives Tanya multiple projectile attacks. She also gains a new combo called Dark Burst (Back + X/A, Square/X, Triangle/Y) that starts with a low attack but finishes up with a fireball-charged fist towards her opponents. She also has a High Fireball (Down, Back + Square/X), Low Fireball (Down, Forward + Square/X), Air Close Fire Blast (Down, Back + Square/X in the air) and Air Far Fire Blast (Down, Forward + Square/X in the air). She also gains the Dark Shroud (Down, Forward + Triangle/Y) that covers her opponent in a purple dust.

Tanya Fatalities

  • Bloody Boots (Fatality 1) - Forward, Down, Down, Back, Down (Close)
  • Edenian Drill (Fatality 2) - Back, Back, Forward, Forward, Circle/B (Close)

[Source: Prima Games]