The Predator is heading over to Mortal Kombat X
The Predator is heading over to Mortal Kombat X

After high-profile additions such as Tanya and Jason Vorhees to the already packed Mortal Kombat X roster, NetherRealm has finally introduced the third and (for the time being) the final anticipated fighter to the mix in the form of the Predator.

As you might expect, like both Tanya and Jason Vorhees, the Predator also packs a host of super moves, most of which have remained iconic to the character since the release of the first Predator movie. The moves have been further polished to suit the game.

But while the Predator is already here, you will still need to master his moves, combos and brutalities to really light up the arena against your opponent. And here we take a look at how to play as the Predator in Mortal Kombat X.

What the Hell (X-Ray Move)

While the Predator's X-Ray move in the game is almost similar to most other characters in the roster, it still lacks a bit of range. Sure you can follow up the move with a combo, but you cannot use any combo that might knock your opponents away from you, or else the X-Ray will not connect. We would say that since the X-Ray is a sort of problematic deal with the Predator, you could rather save the meter to perform breakers and other special moves.

Predator Attack Variations


The Predator can use the Smart-Disc both in the air and on the ground to add to the already pulled off combo move. Apart from that, it can also be used to break armours, knock an opponent down, and give the Predator a safer playstyle, operating from a distance. Once deployed, the Smart-Disc will hover in the air for a few seconds before heading towards the opponent. For better results with the Smart-Disc, try staying as close to your opponent as possible.

How to Perform: Back, Forward + Triangle (for PlayStation). Back, Forward + Y (for Xbox)


As you might expect from the name, Stealth is a major defensive tool in the Predator's arsenal. When Stealth is activated, the Predator will take 50% less chip damage (block damage) for a short time. There's also an enhanced version of it – Cloaking – that gives him immunity from all chip damages for a short time. However, the player has to keep in mind that Predator has a recovery period when deploying Stealth, meaning he will be open to opponent's hits in that period of time.

How to Perform: Down, Down + Square (for PlayStation). Down, Down + X (for Xbox)

Scimitar Scab

The Scimitar Scab will cover almost the entire screen and is a potent move that can be mixed with the Predator's combos. While the normal version of it will throw the opponent forward, if you hold Back during the animation, the Predator will throw the opponent to the back instead. Keep in mind that the attack can be blocked anytime by the opponent, and it's better if you use it at the end of a combo. The move's enhanced version – Scimitar Slam – will bounce the opponent off the ground and allow the Predator to mix it with another combo for further damage.

How to Perform: Back, Forward + Circle (for PlayStation). Back, Forward + B (for Xbox)

Predator – Basic Moves and Combo List (PlayStation/Xbox)

  • Shin Splint (Back + X/A)
  • Flick Kick (Down + X/A)
  • Get To The Chopper (Back + X/A, Down + Triangle/Y)
  • Crouching Klaw (Down + Square/X)
  • Brutal Kick (Forward + Circle/B)
  • Come On (Square, Triangle, Triangle/X, Y,Y)
  • CONTAAAAACT (Forward + Square, Triangle, Up + Triangle/Forward + X, Y, Up + Y)
  • You're One (Back + Triangle, Triangle/Back + Y,Y)
  • Pleasure Kill (Triangle, Square, Triangle/Y, X, Y)
  • Bleed Bastard (Forward + Triangle, Square, Triangle/Forward + Y, X, Y)
  • I'm Here (Back + Triangle, Triangle, Down + Triangle/ Back + Y, Y, Down + Y)
  • Payback Time (Back + Square, Triangle/Back + X, Y)
  • Ugly Mother (X, Triangle, Square + X/A, Y, X + A)

Predator Character Variants

Warrior Variant: This variant gives the Predator three additional special moves. One of them is the Yautja Strike (Down, Back + Triangle/ Down, Back + Y) – a leaping overhead attack that can be performed in the air or at three different distances on the ground. Apart from that, there's the Dread Slam (Back, Forward + Square/Back, Forward + X), while the third one being Self-Detonate.

Hunter Variant: The Hunter variation will add two special moves to Predator's moves list. The Medi-Kit (Down, Down + X/Down, Down + A) heals Predator for five percent. Its enhanced version (Quick Healing) heals Predator for 10%. The other addition in the Hunter variation is the Snag (Down, Back + Circle/Down, Back + B) that will deploy a trap on the ground in one of three locations and can be performed on the ground or in the air.

Hish-Qu-Ten Variant: The Hish-Qu-Ten variation will offer projectile attacks to the Predator. There's the Plasma Shot (Back, Forward + X/Back, Forward + A) that's a standard projectile, alongside the Up Plasma Shot (Down, Forward + X/Down, Forward + A) to knock an opponent out of the air. The Ground Plasma Shot (Down, Back + X/Down, Back + A) will hit the ground about half a screen-length away from Predator. Apart from that, also check out Plasma Caster (Back, Forward + Hold X/Back, Forward + Hold A) allows you to target the Plasma Shot where ever you like.

Predator Fatalities

  • Ghostin' Us - Down, Down, Back, Forward, Square/X (Close)
  • Certain Death - Down, Forward, Back, Up (Mid-Screen)

[Source: Prima Games]