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The newest iteration of Mortal Kombat has already been released, and it's more bloody and gory, compared to the previously released Mortal Kombat 9. Mortal Kombat X not only offers a fresh plot (after the fall of Shao Kahn), it also brings a host of new playable characters into the mix.

One of the newest characters to have been included in Mortal Kombat X is the pairing of Ferra and Torr. Ferra/Torr is basically a pair consisting of an armoured young teenage girl and a giant-masked brute. They were found wandering the Tarkatan wastelands before being made to serve as new Outworld emperor Kotal Kahn's personal bodyguards.

Now, from the looks of it, you may feel like there are other better characters in the roster to play with, with better combos, agility and reflex. However, don't let their brute sizes hinder your decision-making as the duo has some impressive moves and combos up their sleeves that inflict a lot of damage to the opponent.

So if you are indeed looking to take up Ferra/Torr as your next character while you go through a full Living Tower in the game, here are some tips on the combos and strategies you could use with the duo up front.

Bone Crusher (X-Ray Move)
Note that Ferra/Torr's X-Ray consists of two overhead attacks with armour. You can chain Most of Ferra/Torr's combo strings directly into the X-Ray, and if both hits connect, the X-Ray move will inflict 37% damage by itself. We are guessing that at this point, already, you have mastered the art of pulling off an X-Ray move.

Ferra/Torr Attack Variations

Ferra Toss Attack
Ferra Toss is an effective overhead attack that can be angled forward or back, provided you hold a direction after mashing the initially required buttons. There are two versions to it – applied from the front or the back. So if you use the far version of the combo (from the back), there's more chance of losing out on the hit, compared to the one you deal nearer. While not the fastest of the hits, Ferra Toss will still inflict enough damage on your enemy to see you through.

  • How to Perform: Down, Back + Triangle (for PlayStation). Down, Back + Y (for Xbox)

Deep Stab Attack
The Deep Stab attack inflicted by the duo is a command grab that can be employed as a sort of wake-up call for the unsuspecting opponent. As a command grab, once initiated, it will go through the opponent's guard and cannot be blocked. Sure the move doesn't have any follow-up options, but it will always catch your opponent off-guard.

  • How to Perform: Down, Back, Forward + Square (for PlayStation). Down, Back, Forward + X (for Xbox)

Bowl Girl Attack
Bowl Girl is a fast, low attack that you can pull off against your opponents. Its best utilisation is at the end of a combo, and once launched it will damage the opponent without itself taking any damage in the process. You might not be able to land the move more often, but once launched, it will take the opponent by surprise.

  • How to Perform: Back, Forward + Triangle (for PlayStation). Back, Forward + Y (for Xbox)

Tuck 'n' Charge Attack
Tuck 'n' Charge commences with an overhead attack followed by Torr charging forward and running over an opponent. Note that the move introduces a lot of pushback to your opponent's counter hit, rendering them useless in the process. However, as far as overhead attacks are concerned for Ferra/Torr, the Ferra Toss is a safer one to pull among the two.

  • How to Perform: Back, Forward + X (for PlayStation). Back, Forward + A (for Xbox)

Ferra/Torr Character Variants

Vicious Variant: The Vicious variant is special since it introduces the Boss Toss attack (Back, Forward + Circle | Back, Forward + B). This attack can go through all opponent projectiles. Boss Toss not only eats into the opponent's projectile, but keeps going until maximum damage has been successfully inflicted, works effectively as an anti-air attack as well. There's also the Little Kutter command grab in the Vicious variant that allows you to follow with multiple attacks from Ferra.

Ruthless Variant: The Ruthless variant adds the Pain and Gain special move (Down, Down + Square | Down, Down + X) that gives Ferra/Torr a damage boost for a limited time. Note that the damage boost will go active once you see Torr bleeding. Similarly, when the bleeding stops, this will mean the damage boost is over. Also, each time you use the Pain and Gain attack, it will inflict 5% damage to Ferra/Torr.

Lackey Variant: The Lackey variant will only feature Torr in the battle with Ferra watching from the sideline. Needless to say, this variation will require some change in the gameplay since it cannot employ the moves that require Ferra to be in the mix as well. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing as the moves can be altered and made better. With this variation, most of Torr's special moves will become unsafe, making the variant much harder to use.

Ferra/Torr Fatalities

  • Better Than One: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, X (PlayStation). Forward, Back, Forward, Back, A (Xbox)
  • Play Time: Down, Back, Forward, Back, Back (Both PlayStation and Xbox)

[Source: Prima Games]