Mortal Kombat X
Newly leaked screenshots make interesting revelations of Mortal Kombat (via

As we near the very exciting final release of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, various gameplay videos available online suggest that NetherRealm has put in a lot of into the new Mortal Kombat to make it ultra-realistic and as gory as you could possibly think of. Now, the entire moves list for the characters has been revealed.

When the first videos came, fans were eager to know what the new moves were. And obviously, that's expected when there's a plethora of new characters coming in for this edition. The biggest enthusiasm related to the game, however, points at the Fatality moves and how you could perform them.

Here's the full list of all the moves for all the fighters in the game, both old and new.

  • Erron Black – A mercenary gunslinger in the service of Kotal Kahn. He is a master of firearms and one of Kotal Kahn's most deadly warriors as declared by the Emperor himself. Here is the moves list for Erron Black.
  • D'Vorah – A member of an insect-like race called the Kytinn, from the island realm of Arnyek, which was merged with Outworld. D'Vorah can use the bugs for a variety of purposes, from offensive attacks to even sealing wounds. Here is the moves list for D'Vorah.
  • Cassie Cage – Cassie is the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, and leader of an elite Special Forces unit. Raiden serves as her mentor in MK X's story. Cassie has received Special Forces training from her mother, while gaining her father's super human abilities. Here is the moves list for Cassie Cage.
  • Kung Jin – Kung Lao's younger cousin, an archer and member of Cassie Cage's Special Forces unit. He is from the Shaolin and is a part of a small team consisting of Cassie Cage, Takeda Takahashi, and Jacqui Briggs. Here is the moves list for Kung Jin.
  • Ferra/Torr – A pairing consisting of an armoured dwarf-woman and a giant masked brute, who were found wandering the Tarkatan wastelands before being made to serve as new Outworld emperor Kotal Kahn's personal bodyguards. Here is the moves list for Ferra/Torr.
  • Takahashi Takeda – Kenshi's son and a member of Cassie Cage's Special Forces unit. Takenda expresses his great loyalty to the Shirai Ryu as he continues to wear a yellow headband to show his connection to the clan and will fight anyone who is an enemy to it. Here is the moves list for Takahashi Takeda.
  • Jacqui Briggs – Jax's daughter and a member of Cassie Cage's Special Forces unit. While she does enjoy the time she spends with Cassie, Jacqui is often enraged by her friend's lack of retrospection and is often the voice of rationale when the two get into a jam. Here is the moves list for Jacqui Briggs.
  • Kotal Kahn – An Aztec-inspired warrior whose realm of Osh-Tekk was merged with Outworld. Kotal Kahn's torso has several tattoos which glow in varying colours depending on his combat variation. Here is the moves list for Kotal Kahn.
  • Moves List for Ermac
  • Moves List for Kano
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  • Moves List for Kitana
  • Moves List for Quan Chi
  • Moves List for Liu Kang
  • Moves List for Mileena
  • Moves List for Reptile
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Stay tuned for more updates!