The situation is something like this
The situation is something like thisGrandma's Boy

Remember that early morning talk show that Seth Rogen had with Snoop Dogg a long time ago, where he says gamers of this generation can get blown out of their minds and still play games at the same time?

Well, as it seems, he wasn't really joking since players have a habit of picking up titles to amplify the situation (any FIFA title, personally).

We have come across a number of hardcore players, who say that they find a different dimension to any game once their minds are successfully baked.

Recently, we picked up a few players we know personally and enquired about their experiences when playing titles in similar situations and the responses we got from them were hilarious as well as creepy that it almost blew our sober minds.

Here are 10 instances of what happens when you decide to play any titles with your brain's wires successfully messed up. Our choice of game was Mortal Kombat (both MK X and MK 9) for the experiment.

NOTE: We here at IBTimes India don't support or encourage the use of hallucinogens at any time, as they can harm both your body and mind in unimaginable ways possible.

Mortal Kombat on Hallucinogens: 10 Hilarious yet Creepy Comments

#1: "Man, all this blood suddenly gave me a craving for nachos. They should have an option in the game where I can order nachos."

#2: "Look at the tentacles coming out of the TV. Is this the part of the game where I get up on my chair and scream like a middle-aged wife?

#3: "I fell out with my girlfriend this morning. Then we challenged each other to the game and I fatalitied (what?) her. She hasn't answered my calls since."

#4: "Which is the kick button? Who am I fighting as? (After playing with the same character for three hours straight and winning battles).

#5: "This is hurting my brain. I have been to hell in my dreams early in the morning, and it does look like this." (Reference to MK 9's hell-themed arena – undead bodies sticking out of the tree, and sinners arms out of a burning pit of lava)

#6: "I can't take it anymore" – heads to washroom after pulling off Skarlet's fatality move and pukes incessantly. Later declares proudly, "I puked and it was green in colour."

#7: "If Sindel messed around with Shao Kahn and had a kid (Kitana), who did Shao Kahn mess around with to get a product as Mileena? And I thought my family tree is complicated." – Kitana, actually, was already there before her real father was killed by Shao Kahn.

#8: If Raiden is the lord of thunder, what is Thor? I always thought Lord Bendtner was the lord of everything." – Messes up three different worlds at the same time.

#9: "My boss looks like Quan Chi" – texts the same to his boss, who replies him back, saying that he looks like Goro (major insult).

#10: "There must be some really evil people working at NetherRealm to come up with such wicked arenas. So much pain, so much blood and so much suffering. My role models!" – Wicked grin on the face.

We are currently thinking about handing them Mario Maker for the next experiment.