Morphed photo of Nusrat Jahan being spread after TMC announces her election candidature
Morphed photo of Nusrat Jahan being spread after TMC announces her election candidature. Fake picture (left) Real picture (right).Facebook/

A photoshopped image of Bengali actress Nusrat Jahan started doing the rounds on social media soon after Trinamool Congress (TMC) announced her candidature to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election from Basirhat constituency in West Bengal.

A morphed photo of Nusrat showing her posing in a lingerie is being shared on social media with derogatory captions. The fake photo started doing the rounds on Facebook after around 24 hours of TMC making the big announcement.

The actual image is that of a model who featured in a website called Nusrat's face has been photosopped into the actual photo, giving it an impression of being the actress herself.

Although a closer look in the photo clearly shows that it is photoshopped, there are possibilities that a naïve person may find it to be genuine. The fake image is being shared on social media, mocking Nusrat for her Lok Sabha election candidature.

The photoshopped picture has reportedly been also used as thumbnail image for websites with pornographic content.

Nusrat faced a lot of trolling on social media after TMC announced her political debut. Series of obscene and insulting comments along with her onscreen pictures have been made on the actress on social media.

However, Nusrat remained unfazed by the nasty remarks, and replied back to the trolls saying such people are "uncultured", and simply want to demean women.

"I think this is the change that we are trying to bring about. Trolling is a new way of demeaning women. We want women to be given more respect. I don't know who these people are and why they indulge in such online abuse. I think they are simply uncultured. If they knew how to respect their mothers and sisters, they would've respected us as well," she told media.

Apart from Nusrat, another Tollywood actress, Mimi Chakraborty has also been given TMC ticket to fight this LS poll. Mimi will be contesting election from Jadavpur constituency.