For years Ross Gellar entertained us with his boring dinosaur stories and "I am always right" personality. And if he was your favourite character from 'Friends' then you have a big reason to enjoy because David Schwimmer is coming back on television to spread his Ross magic again.

The 48-year-old Emmy nominated actor is set to join Channel 4's comedy show "Morning Has Broken", created by Nick Mohammed and Julia Davis, according to news reports.

The six-episode comedy show will see Schwimmer portray an American TV executive who will be recruited with the responsibility of bringing the ratings of the breakfast show up.

Julia Davis will portray Gail Sinclair who is the "Queen of Daytime" alongside her co-actor Nick Mohammed who will portray Mike, one of her co-presenters.

Rachel Springett, the commissioning editor of Channel 4 praised Davis's writing skills, terming her "undoubtedly one the most talented comedic writers and actresses" whose quality attracts big names like Schwimmer.

Davis has earlier worked in BBC's "Nighty Night" and Sky's "Hunderby".

The former "Friends" star said that he has been "a massive fan of Julia's works for years" and he is "thrilled to be able to finally work with her and Nick on this fantastic comedy".

Channel 4 revealed that the show will focus on Sinclair, whose condition starts to worsen when her show begins to lose viewers after eight successful years of winning awards and high ratings, according to news reports.

"Morning Has Broken" is set to broadcast on Channel 4 in 2016.

Schwimmer will be the second ex-Friends star to feature in a UK comedy sitcom. Since 2011, Matt Le Blanc who portrayed Joey Tribbiani in "Friends" has been starring in "Episodes". Blanc won a Golden Globe Award as well as four Emmy nominations for his role in the show.

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