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Television actor Piyush Sahdev, who is popular for his role in Beyhadh, is in the news after getting arrested on rape charges. Now another actress is likely to file a complaint against him.

Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri now came up with some shocking statements against Piyush. She said that the actor had once tried to develop a sexual relationship with her as well, but had become very hostile towards her when she did not entertain his advances.

Mahima even alleged that Piyush was already dating three women at the same time during that period.

"Over confident of his looks and style, Sahdev preyed on many women. He was over confident that women will fall for him and he can use them at will and then dump them later on. Even at that time, Sahdev was juggling three women and everyone knew about it," Mahima told International Business Times India through an email sent by her PRO.

"He was very rude to me. Once on the sets of a serial, where I was doing a small role, he even abused me with the most filthiest and vulgar words for a small mistake. He had even pushed me and told me that I am nothing but a useless slut, who is sleeping with the director for work. I knew I could have got him arrested at that time for his rash behaviour and vulgar, abusive comments, but I just let matters go," she added.

Mahima said that she will file a written complaint against Piyush at Versova police station on Monday. Well, this seems to be more trouble for the popular TV actor.

Piyush was arrested on November 22 after a 23-year-old fashion designer filed an FIR against him on charges of rape. The victim, who had been in a live-in-relationship with Piyush, alleged that the actor sexually exploited her with promises of shaping her modelling and acting career.