Replacing the enclosed mysteries of the first film, "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" step up the spectacle with apocalyptic setting and collapsing cities through which the former Gladers must make way.

The Gladers are on a hot pursuit from sinister WCKD and the marauding Cranks who have been mutated by the flare virus.

As reported by The Guardian, Aidan Gillen will reprise the role of untrustworthy Janson while Patricia Clarkson will again play the role of Ava Paige. Will Poulter, who played Gally, the Glade's enforcer in the prequel "The Maze Runner," won't appear in the movie. However, Lili Taylor will join the cast as Mary Cooper.

Thought there are scenes of torture, biological decay and horror in the movie, "The Scorch Trials" has received a 12A certificate just like its prequel making it comfortable for parents to take their children for a show.