As the coronavirus is continuing its deadly killing spree in all nooks of the world, a new study has found that weather has direct impact in determining the spread of this pandemic. The study conducted by researchers at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus found that hot weather and wind have a direct role in elevating the spread of COVID-19. The research report also stated that weather has a bigger impact on virus transmission rate than social distancing during the pandemic. 

Second coronavirus wave inevitable

According to researchers who took part in this study, two outbreaks in one single year is nothing but a natural phenomenon during times of deadly pandemic outbreaks. The study report revealed that temperature, humidity, and wind could help predict the second wave of the outbreak, as these factors play their crucial role in determining the spread of the virus. 

coronavirus climate
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Even though face masks, travel restrictions, and social distancing could slow down the spread of coronavirus, researchers who took part in this study claim that lack of climate data while analyzing epidemiological models has created negative impact on the fight against coronavirus. 

Researchers suggested that they could accurately predict the timings of the second coronavirus wave in cities like Paris, New York City, and Rio de Janeiro, if this data is avaialable. The research report also noted that different hemispheres on earth will have different COVID waves due to the variation in weather conditions. 

"In pandemics, where massive and effective vaccination is not available, the government planning should be longer-term by considering weather effects and design the public health and safety guidelines accordingly. This could help avoid reactive responses in terms of strict lockdowns that adversely affect all aspects of life and the global economy," Professors Talib Dbouk who led the study, said. 

Temperature in Kerala increasing coronavirus cases

The new study report can be connected with the rising COVID-19 cases in Kerala. Even though India has successfully flattened the coronavirus pandemic curve, COVID-19 positive cases in Kerala are increasing every day, and the pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down in Kerala. 

It should be noted that Kerala is one of the hottest regions in India, and the state has a high population density. Medical experts believe that these two factors have contributed to the rise in coronavirus cases in Kerala.