Arizona Pastor Says Killing Homosexuals is the Solution to an AIDS-Free World
More men than women were willing to date a HIV-infected person according to a survey conducted by an American website. [Representational Image]Reuters

A trusted American website called which sells adult products conducted a yearly sex survey asking more than 1,000 adults if they would date somebody who is HIV positive. The results were received this month and men were found to be more willing to get into a relationship with an HIV positive person compared to women.

It was observed that only 6 percent of the participants were ready to be in a relation with an HIV-infected person. The results state that at least 78 percent of them refused whereas 16 percent were doubtful about getting into such a relationship. More number of men were found to be open to engage in a relationship with an HIV positive person than women.

A total of 8 percent men and 5 percent women gave a positive response to the question, whereas, 13 percent of men and 19 percent of women remained undecided.

"HIV, or the human immunodeficiency virus, is a sexually transmitted infection that, if left untreated, can cause AIDS," Dr. Kat Van Kirk, a sexpert at explained in a press release.

"With around 1.2 million Americans now living with HIV, and advances in medical treatment, you would think that the virus would lose much of the stigma it had for so many years. Many couples that include one HIV positive partner (sero-discordant) compare it to living with any other chronic disease with the successful use of safer sex practices," Kirk added.

This survey was web-based , a third party survey firm conducted it and Adam & Eve funded it. The press release of the survey was published on October 6 2016 in