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Apart from Spider-Man, Sony's priority lies in achieving success from its very own independent made Marvel movies like the Tom Hardy starring Venom. The upcoming Morbius from Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC) is one such project that's slowly starting to generate more press with news that the blood-craving anti-hero would be the studios' first interconnected movie.

Morbius boasts a sleeve of talented actors with Jared Leto playing the titular role as Michael Morbius. Starring opposite to the Oscar-winner is star Tyrese Gibbson appearing as Agent Stroud. Though there isn't much that we know about the plot, Gibbson recently shared some info on what his character's role in the movie would be.

Speaking to Collider to promote his upcoming film, Black & Blue - the Fast & Furious star was also asked about his involvement in the Marvel project. Acknowledging that the actor couldn't say much, Gibbson was asked how he wound up becoming a part of the movie and his experience working with Swedish film director Daniel Espinosa.

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Gibbson on Marvel Studios' Black Panther

Gibbson went on to state the importance of Marvel Studios' Black Panther and the effect the MCU film had on him as well as the black community. Furthermore, the actor remarked that while there are many other African American comic book characters like Luke Cage that have finally stepped into the light as a black superhero, the role of Agent Stroud doesn't come from the same community or at least in the comics.

"Agent Stroud from Mobius was actually white and they slid me in there and asked me to use some tanning oil so I darkened up nicely for the role," said Tyrese laughing while speaking about his role in the comic book film. "But yeah its a game changer, Daniel Espinosa is insane as a filmmaker, he kept us all on the edge. he really really was focused on the nuance I play opposite Jared Leto, Oscar-award winner and he's all dark and mischevious and very layered and I'm just trying to get to the bottom of what's going on and what he's involved in so I can get to the bottom of what's happening."

Gibbson was also asked if the film would explore Stroud and Morbius's long relationship, similar to the comic counterpart. But unfortunately, that's a question that cannot be answered at present.

"I can only tell you so much," said Tyrese in a melodic rhyme.

Simon Stroud is a former CIA agent who in the comics, both haunts and battles Morbius. It's likely that the two would be clashing in the movie but details regarding the plot still remain in wraps.

Morbius hits theatres on July 31, 2020.