Moonlight drawn by clouds
Pictured: Lee Yeong and Ra On in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.Facebook/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

The penultimate episode of Korean historical drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds ended on a major cliffhanger with Park Bo Gum's character Prince Lee Yeong being poisoned to death. Is he really dead or could he be saved before something tragic happens?

This will be addressed in the finale, which will air on Tuesday, October 18.

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers from the episode 18 of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

If the television drama stays true to its source material, a web novel of the same name by Yoon Yi-soo, then Lee Yeong and Kim Yoo jung's Ra On will have a happy ending, and she will even give birth to twins. But the brains behind the show could go in for a tragic ending so as to avoid the predictability factor.

In other news, Kim Yoo Jung took to her Instagram page over the weekend to say she was sad Moonlight Drawn by Clouds was coming to an end. Along with a photograph of herself, the actress wrote: "It's the last Sunday filming for Ra On of 'Moonlight Drawn By Clouds'!! And with the last Monday filming tomorrow, it's really the end~ Ah!! How sad!! #MoonlightDrawnByClouds #AtTheAnseongSet #We'veWorkedHard #MDC #ThankYou #DeepBow."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Mango TV, Park Bo Gum thanked the show for giving him a good friend in Kim Yoo Jung. Their time together on the show has helped them bond and get closer, he said.

"Through Yoo Jung, I was able to learn a lot of things that I didn't know about historical dramas, and as we [worked on] the script together little by little, we got close as well fell for Lee Young and Ra On," Park Bo Gum revealed.

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