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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo will be back with episode 12 next Monday, October 3, at 10pm KST and it will focus on Prince Wang So, Hae Soo, Prince Wang Wook and King Taejo.

The sequel will pick up right from where it left off the fourth Prince of Goryeo Dynasty and the female lead in episode 11. But before getting into the details, here is a quick recap of the last episode.

Prince So tries his best to save Soo from being a victim of Queen Sinmyeongsunseong's evil plans. But Princess Yeonhwa's intentional move forces King Taejo to punish the court lady with death sentence.

The rigorous punishment forces the Princes to make a move to save IU's character, so Prince Wook decides to ask the King to release her. But he becomes helpless after finding out that his sister is behind it. Finally, Court Lady Oh steps forward and takes the blame on her resulting in her execution.

Episode 12 of Scarlet Heart Ryeo will make things more difficult for the popular onscreen power couple, Prince So and Hae Soo. The official trailer indicate that the female lead will be send out of the prison to become a slave, but it does not stop the fourth Prince from seeing her.

The promo of Moon Lovers also show some tender moment between the two characters, wherein Lee Joon-gi's character proposes her. This in turn takes a turn for the worst after Prince Wook gets to know about it. Both the Princes gets involved in a sword fight.

In the meantime, gisaeng and last Princess of Later Baekje, Woo-hee, makes her move against King Taejo and kills him while performing a sword dance. Click here to watch the official teaser video of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 12.