Representative image.Reuters

The war against stray dogs and monkeys has intensified as in an unexpected turn of events, the authorities in two states -- Kerala and Himachal Pradesh -- have decided to take some severe action against the animals.

The government of Himachal Pradesh has decided to provide incentives to those who catch the rampaging monkeys dead or alive. Monkeys have been damaging crops and have been declared vermin in 37 districts of the state.

Several prizes have been announced for individuals who catch the monkeys. It includes Rs 500 for killing each monkey and Rs 700 for sterilising the animal. Also, any individual who catches 80 percent of the monkeys from a particular herd will be awarded Rs 1,000 per monkey.

However, the farmers in the state consider this as a useless and ridiculous move as, according to them, the government has already spent Rs 20 crores for the sterilisation of the monkeys but without any significant result.