In a bizarre incident in Saudi Arabia, a group of monkeys reportedly tried to play football on a field, but one of the monkeys got caught in the net at the goal post and was strangled to death, local media reported. 

The monkeys would reportedly frequent the football ground in southwest Saudi Arabia when the players were not on the field, and would run around, local Saudi newspaper Sada reported. 

During this particular incident, the monkeys found a football and were trying to play with it, but one of the monkeys died after getting caught in the net. It is not clear when the incident occurred. 

The images, showing the dead monkey entangled in the net next to a football, were shared on social media. 

"It appears that this time they found a ball and tried to play with it. One monkey was later found dead inside the goal after its neck was caught by the net," the local newspaper reported, according to Emirates 24/7 News. 

The monkey may have struggled to free himself from the net, but it ended up strangling him.